Why Use Mani Recruits When Recruiting House Hold Staff

There are so many reasons why recruiting a domestic staff from Mani Recruits and Training Ltd, has become a preferred option for many Organizations and House- holds as against recruiting from other agencies and from family and friends. But we would just give you few.

·         Thorough Background Check and Medical Screening

To ensure that we keep away the bad eggs from you, MRT conducts background check on all our staff. This includes police reports, Local Government Documentation, tracing of relations, valid government-issued IDs, birth certificate, clearances, reputable Guarantors and so many others you cannot begin to imagine

Our domestic candidates go through medical screenings and tests. We take your family’s health very seriously and ensure it is not compromised. They also undergo medical screening procedures that ensure their fitness to work. The examinations include tests for communicable diseases, x-ray and blood testing. The procedures are performed to give you a reasonable assurance that your family’s health will not be compromised.

·        Training

We have heard complaints from new clients about hi-tech appliances in their homes being spoilt by house hold staff when they recruited from other agents or family/ friends. Most of our clients understandably, do not have the time to engage in teaching a new staff how to operate their hi-tech appliances. That is why Mani Recruits makes all the difference, as we provide training for domestic staff before placement. We cover practically every issue of concern in your home and office! Only after going through our trainings, and being certified, will a certificate be given and candidate included in our list of deployment-ready domestic staff. We teach all the critical things and even more and emphasize more on practical.

  •      Bespoke After Sales Service

At Mani Recruits, we give much emphasis on making sure your staff performance, exceeds your expectation. This we have achieved thus far, by following up with our staff, thereby ensuring that they practice to the latter, what they have been taught, guaranteeing you rest from the hassles of staff acclimatization. We also guide you on the little details of making your new help fit into your home quite fast.

Our client after sales checklist has also been of utmost importance in our after sales service delivery.

Our checklist is available for clients after sign –on.

·        Variety

Mani Recruits and Training usually provides a variety of staff to choose from. MRT understands that domestic staff needs vary from one household to another, and is not a “one cap fits all” position. MRT receives loads of applications on a daily basis, and would always provide our clients with many options. Our bespoke service plan, guarantees that each clients requirement (as contained in our Domestic Client Request Form) is met. Clients also enjoy a “testing” period, where each candidate gets to work for some days, thereby ensuring an “on the job” evaluation by Clients.

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