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exe-recuit-sidePeople are your most important assets. Mani Recruits Executive Division combines a wealth of experience, to find employees with the skills, qualifications, experience and motivation to advance your business.

Our consultants and team, have a wealth of recruiting experience, and a superior understanding of the business in which our clients operate. From Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Construction and Design, Finance and Insurance, Legal and FMCG Distribution, our well versed consultants are able to sieve out the best for you.

As a cutting edge recruitment organization, our focal point is one thing, identifying and securing the best candidate for the job, and improving overall staff  knowledge.

Our Executive Recruitment services Arm is involved in the following services:


The side effects associated with a recruitment of the wrong candidate, could reverberate through an organization, for a very long time.  Mani Recruits, apply a disciplined approach and sound judgment to every search. To find the best fit, we create a list of relevant criteria composed of critical skills, behaviors, and attitudes for each position.

We understand that when making a hiring decision, it is important to understand the applicant’s personality style, values, motivations, and attitudes. We therefore engage different tools in our recruitment process, which includes personality testing,  ability tests and work sample test, amongst others.

When you need to entrust the processes of your business functions to external vendors, we will be there to help you find the right company to handle it. From Call Centre Services, Inventory Management, Accounting, Book Keeping and Engineering, Facility Management, among others, we get it all covered for you. We specialize in the provision and management of Contract Staff of all categories, as well as the selection and placement of temporary staff for Corporate Organizations. The benefits being that you enjoy cost advantage, focus on company core area, get access to skilled resources, increase efficiency and saving on infrastructure and technology.

Mani Recruits retained HR services offering, provides you with a comprehensive human resource support, and the needed documents.

 Our retained Human Resource Services Package includes:

  • HR Audit- report. This is provided with findings, and action plans.
  • On-site assistance with disciplinary cases, staff grievance, and presence in staff welfare meetings.
  • Unlimited expert consultancy.
  • Case management documents covering disciplinary, absence, grievance and redundancy.
  • Well detailed and understandable employee handbooks;
  • Bespoke document templates.
  • Newsletters update.

We provide you with policies and procedures, which are intended to serve as guidelines, for consistent administration of personnel policies. This includes processes for the following: Employment, Compensation Management, Performance Management, Benefits, Conduct and Ethics, Learning and Developments, Workplace Environment among others.

Mani Recruits offers Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process, to discover the training and development needs of personnel, which are intended to enable them, carry out their job effectively and efficiently. TNA enables the discovery of gaps between current performance and organizational goals and objectives.

We manage your monthly and annual payroll with diligence and efficiency, saving you time and making your financial duties much easier. We also send out pay-slips for you and ensure that everyone in your business is paid correctly and on-time.

We also provide the following services:

  • Provide you with a dedicated professional, to arrange your payroll according to the requirements of your business.
  • Statutory pay calculations (e.g. for sick leave, maternity and annual leave)
  • Completed and filed returns
  • Notification of PAYE sums and remittances.
  • Implementing PAYE tax code changes
  • Resolution of employee queries.

Employee Satisfaction Survey is a very important element in any workplace, as it helps check with employees about their satisfaction with their responsibility and roles, their experiences with Management and work environment. It is important for businesses to monitor and understand satisfaction levels, and for good reason: the level of satisfaction employees feel toward their job is directly related to how successfully they perform their job, how long they remain at their current place of employment, and most importantly, the impact on the organization.

Mani Recruits Employee Satisfaction Surveys collects hard data on employee affective and cognitive satisfaction. We then use detailed analytic methods, to determine the root causes of employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction that are specific to your organization.


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Mani Recruits and Training (MRT), was founded to provide service for our clients, from the office to the home. Our separate divisions of Executive/ Domestic Recruitment, Trainings and Consultancy Services, Read more

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