Being called up for a job interview means you have impressed your interviewer with your application. Congratulations.  For a first-timer or a seasoned professional, when it comes to job interviews, it’s surprisingly easy to make some errors.

First impressions matter and interviews are often the first chance you get to come face-to-face with potential employers; it becomes essential that you make yourself memorable for the right reasons. We have put together a list of what not to do at interviews.


  • Come late to the interview. Coming in late shows that you lack time management skill. Do not blame the traffic, your crying child or your mean Boss. Worse scenario is blaming your lack of knowledge of the location for your lateness. Why did you not find out the exact location and distance to get you there in advance!!!
  • Be rude to anyone in the building. The security man who you just gave a piece of your mind might have a strong influence on a member of the interview panel.
  • Sleep off at the reception while waiting to be called. Most offices are CCTV connected and your interviewer might just have begun your interview right from the reception before the main interview.
  • Fail to make eye contact.
  • Say bad things about your last employer. It makes your interviewer/ potential employer wonder what you will say about them when you stop working for them.
  • Show your tiredness and irritation for all to see, no matter how long you have waited. It goes to show you may not able to withstand pressure in the work place.
  • Fail to do your “homework” on the recruiting Company: In today’s information age, there is absolutely no excuse for knowing nothing about the company you are applying to work for. You need to do your research on Directors, top Management Staff, Products and Services.
  • Let the question section go by without asking questions. A job interview not only enables the potential employer to assess your skills and suitability but it also enables the candidate to assess if this company is in fact a good employer, compatible with your needs.” At least ask something about what you’ll actually be doing and who you’ll be doing it with. Asking a few questions towards the end of the interview shows you’re confident, thoughtful and interested in the position. Some good fall-back options are asking what kind of training opportunities the employer offers, what the workplace culture is like or what career opportunities are available
  • Fail to explain what you will bring to the party. Every employer wants to employ a “producer”. Do not fail to give reasons why you should be the preferred Most candidates use their cover letter to explain what the advertised position can do for them instead of explaining what they can do for the company.
  • Criticize the company that’s interviewing you. Interviewers often ask candidates if they have any ideas on how the business could be improved. You should have one or two examples, but make sure you answer in a polite way. Your interviewer may be the person responsible for that marketing campaign, front office decoration or the colour you are criticizing.
  • Use words like “you know,” “like,” “I guess,” and “um.”
  • Sound desperate. No matter how much your life depends on the job at the moment.
  • Leave your cell phone on. It is better for it to be on silence without the Vibrations though.
  • Ever , ever ask for where to charge your phone. “I actually had a candidate who not only charged her phone, but asked me for my phone to call her boyfriend to come pick her up since she ran out of credit. I did give her the phone, cautioned her for doing that, but I knew that was one staff that would overstep on every other persons privacy if employed”.
  • Take a seat before your interviewer does. Wait to be offered one first.

Have we missed any common interview mistakes? Post your ideas below.


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